Good riddance …

… to bad rubbish.

Is the Obama administration now cannibalising it’s own in advance of 2016? Must admit the president is facing a monumental task ahead, balancing his left-wing base with the increasingly conservative views of the country on what it will take to protect the country from the increasing threat of radical Islam.

Napolitano Excoriates Holder: The Least Faithful To The Constitution Of Any AG, And Doesn’t Regret It
On Fox News’ Special Report on Thursday, contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano ripped Eric Holder’s tenure as Attorney General to shreds, blasting him on every possible facet of his responsibilities in the job and his faithfulness to the constitution and to the American people.

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Heads up

Vivid description. I liked it.

Obama’s 15 Worst Moments At The UN

Escher Loop

Speaking at the United Nations on Wednesday, President Obama performed the signal feat of cramming his head so far up his own ass that his head actually emerged from his mouth again, thereby creating the first human Escher loop [aka “Strange Loop“]. His speech at the United Nations was chock-full of moronic platitudes, internal contradictions, and morally disgusting sentiments.

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Peace through strength

In this important read from, John Hawkins provides us a simple base from which to construct our own checklist of questions we need answered to our satisfaction before stepping into the ballot booth in 2016:

  • Is the candidate prepared for the job?
  • Are the candidate’s aims more practical than ideological or political?
  • Does the candidate know how to work with Congress?
  • Is the candidate any more narcissistic than other politicians?
  • Is the candidate a good planner who thinks things through?
  • Is the the candidate honest (as he or she can be within our political system)? 

I would add a 7th item to my own list, not mentioned by Mr. Hawkings:

  • Does the candidate come from a strictly Judeo-Christian background?

6 Reasons Barack Obama Is A Failed President

It’s easy to just chalk up Barack Obama’s terrible performance as President to “liberalism” or “incompetence,” but it goes so much further than that. Obama is a ballerina running a steel mill, a fight fan working as a bouncer, a go cart aficionado racing in NASCAR. Barack Obama was elected because Americans were frustrated with the Republican Party, because he did a good job of reading uplifting speeches, and because Americans thought that if they elected the first black President, it would be a seminal moment for race relations in America. Unfortunately, GOP awfulness didn’t translate into Democratic goodness, those speeches got dull in a hurry, race relations have gotten worse, and none of that has anything to do with Obama actually being capable of handling the most important job on the planet. Maybe next time, voters will ask the most basic question about the candidates running for President: are they competent to do the job or will we end up with another Obama?


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Mr. Words Goes to Washington

President Obama is a man or words, not of deeds; so Rally Round the Pole (sans flag), Boys!


And why should we expect anything different from someone who operates from the mini-context of a community organizer? “Words” is his only tool – his hammer. And every issue, every problem – domestic or foreign – looks just like a nail to Mr. Obama.

We manage our expectations of Mr. Obama by expecting nothing, and so far we have not been disappointed.

The President’s Middle East strategy speech was written as a damage-control-crowd-pleaser to combat the calamitous rise of his administration’s un-favorability ratings in the poles in the wake of ISIS beheadings of American reporters James Foley and Steven Sotloff. Predictably, ISIS responded to Mr. Obama’s feckless threats by beheading British aid worker David Haines.

The President’s grand strategy is already backfiring, based on the lack of support at home from Democrats facing re-election and abroad from any potential allies. With just a little help from the President’s mainstream-media-sycophant friends, the whole thing may collapse entirely.

The unvarnished truth: We will never obliterate ISIS by bombing alone or by any other of Mr. Obama’s grand-strategy points. We will need the resolution of the American people to go it alone if necessary, a declaration of war, and boots on the ground – lots of boots on the ground, 60,000+ boots on the ground.

The likelihood of ever achieving that, short of a Pearl-Harbor-like event? Zero to none.

Human beings seem genetically incapable of learning anything from history. It may well take something like a mushroom cloud over an American city before we are ready to do the right thing – the thing that must be done.

Until then we are stuck with the impotent bleating of our incompetent president proclaiming, “Peace in out time.”



Why everything went wrong in Ferguson

You have a nasty thug boosting Swisher Sweets from the corner store and roughing up the merchant.

Then, like flies to a barnyard, you have swarms of race pimps breathlessly buzzing to the scene to further fuel the rage and delegitimize the very banner behind which they march.

Then come the “po-po,” dressed in military gear and riding in tanks of war — all of it the final designs of a big government welfare state that came to power promising to solve all your problems.

This black-clad brute force stings all the more deeply coming from the hand that delivers food stamps, free cell phones and health care for everyone. It is the moment that slaves of the Dependency State learn that government bestows only a false dignity upon them. Indeed, they are despised now more than ever.

Finally arrive the media, swooning to relive Freedom Summer in Selma. But these modern frauds come from such narrow and sheltered lives they don’t know the difference between ear plugs and rubber bullets.

What could possibly go wrong?

via HURT: Why everything went wrong in Ferguson – Washington Times.

Enter Governor Jay Nixon:

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon Shows Us How Not to Govern

The late arrival in Ferguson, the disastrous curfew—the governor’s handling of the shooting of Michael Brown reveals how little our politicians have learned from the riots of the 1960s.

The images from Ferguson, Missouri, of protesters clashing with the police, of looters raiding local shops, the sirens, the tear gas, the gunshots, recall the long, hot summers of the 1960s.

It’s fair to ask what, if anything, local elected officials have learned in the intervening decades.

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Sandy Beach 2014-08-08

Spectacular shot of a body-boarder at Sandy Beach, Hawaii riding the wild surf churned up by tropical storm Iselle yesterday. Note the Blow Hole spouting foam in the background.

Religion of peace

Interesting: Palestinian worshipers in the “religion of peace” derive their self-worth from murdering Israelis.

What would these people do without the Jews to blame everything on?

Sad fact is, progress only occurs when we finally give up being life’s victims and begin to take responsibility for ourselves.

Former PA Official: Firing Rockets at Israel ‘Restores Our Human Dignity’

And as long as Palestinians derive their sense of human dignity from killing Israelis, peace will never be possible.

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