Kettle and the pot

Calm down, Rosie. You’re giving obnoxious, overweight lesbians a bad name.

Rosie O’Donnell Blasts Donald Trump as ‘Mentally Unstable’

The comedian, who has had a long, bitter public feud with the former Celebrity Apprentice host, went on a Twitter rant on January 1, writing: “Donald Trump is mentally unstable… less than 3 weeks to stop him America.”

Source: Rosie O’Donnell Blasts Donald Trump as ‘Mentally Unstable’ – Us Weekly

Political maladies

Is ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ the cause of Democrats’ current ‘Electile Dysfunction’ or is it the other way around?

Now that Democrats are suffering ‘Electile Dysfunction,’ i.e. the inability to get it up to win elections, is that contributing to their TDS?

Which either, the only ‘Blue-State Pill’ they’ve come up with so far is the unsubstantiated, i.e. bogus, fear-mongering Soviet connection.

Over the top (and then some)


Just when we thought ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ couldn’t get any sillier, the ‘Witches Faction’ of the Dimocratic Party comes slithering out of the woodwork, no doubt all loyal to Chief Witch in Charge, Nancy Pelosi.


The Powers of Hell Take On Trump

It’s bad enough that Donald Trump has the Democrats arrayed against him, now he has to contend with Hell and all its legions.

At midnight on Friday, February 24, witches across the United States, either individually or in covens, cast what is called “a binding spell” on the president intended prevent him “from harming people and nature,” as Steve Annear, a reporter for the Boston Globe, described it. A small group cast their spell outside Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York City. You can watch the witches in action on YouTube.

Source: The Powers of Hell Take On Trump






Welcome to the real world, government workers.

Finally civil service folks have the same opportunity as the rest of us to live with scary workplace uncertainty, where longevity and survival depend on our performance.

Civil Servants Sweating Bullets Now That Trump is in Charge

Now that Donald Trump is in the White House, civil servants are sweating bullets and for the first time in a long time, are worried about keeping their jobs. The New York Times says federal workers have been “shaken by the Trump transition” and are filled with “a sense of dread.” (cue the Jaws music):

Source: Civil Servants Sweating Bullets Now That Trump is in Charge

Good News: The Left is collapsing everywhere

It seems President Trump is only part of a global phenomenon – and high time.

Here’s a startling fact: There have been eight leaders of the British Labour Party in the past 40 years. Seven of them failed to win a single general election. The exception, Tony Blair, was a Labour politician only in the most technical sense. Leftists saw him as a disguised conservative, a cuckoo in the nest. To this day, Labour activists use Blairite as the worst of insults, viler even than Tory.

Let’s widen the camera shot a little. All over Europe, traditional parties of the Center-Left have been losing badly. As I write, opinion polls show the French Socialists in fourth place, the Dutch Labour Party in seventh. Greece’s PASOK, the leading party since the early 1980s, is now polling at 7 percent. Spain’s PSOE, which had a comfortable majority as recently as 10 years ago, has been displaced by the more radical Podemos. Social Democrats in former communist countries, such as Poland and Hungary, have, if anything, fared even worse.

What is going on? The immediate explanation is clear enough. The established parties of the Center-Left backed the merger of Europe’s currencies in the 1990s. As the euro brought poverty to the south and tax increases to the north, voters turned against the politicians whose fingerprints were on the murder weapon.

Source: The Left is collapsing everywhere