‘Morning’ Joe Scarborough recently announced he’s leaving the Republican Party. I was shocked, SHOCKED to hear left-wing Joe is actually a Republican. Wouldn’t have been so surprised if he announced he is leaving MSNBC. The network’s ratings have been in the crapper for a while – due, at least in part, to Joe’s participation.

Maybe a good sign for the Party, though. May signal the last of the left wing liberals have finally flown the coupe. If you’re still packing your bag, Joe, be sure to turn out the lights when you leave.

The Buck starts here

Fox News recently listed 40+ reasons Hillary has given as to why she lost the election. In summary, It was anyone’s fault but her’s.

Peggy Noonan at the Wall Street Journal doesn’t agree:

Hillary Lacks the Remorse of Conscience

“But wow. Her [Hillary’s] public statements since defeat have been malignant little masterpieces of victimhood-claiming, blame-shifting and unhelpful accusation. They deserve censure.” ……..

“What is true is that throughout her career Mrs. Clinton has shown herself to be largely incapable of honest self-reflection, of pointing the finger, for even a moment, at herself. She is not capable of what in Middle English was called ‘agenbite of inwit’—remorse of conscience, the self-indictment and implicit growth, that come of taking a serious personal inventory. People are always doing bad things to her, she never does bad things to them. They operate in bad faith, she only in good. They lie and exaggerate, she doesn’t. They are low and partisan, not her. There’s no vast left-wing conspiracy only a right-wing one.”

“People can see this. It’s part of why she lost.”

Source: Hillary Lacks the Remorse of Conscience – Peggy Noonan WSJ

Elephant in the Islamic living room

I was watching an old episode of the “West Wing” the other day. While speaking to a gathering of high school kids, Sam Seaborne made the following comparison of Islamic extremism to mainstream Islam: He said, “Islamic extremism is to Islam as the Ku Klux Klan is to Christianity.”

While that’s essentially true, speaking out against the maniacal murderers that makeup Islamic extremist groups can be worth one’s life. And that’s why the comments an English Muslim woman made after the Manchester terrorist attack were so remarkable and courageous.

British Muslim Woman Gets Real on National TV: ‘Terrorism Is…Being Imported Right Under Our Noses’

A British Muslim woman drew applause from her fellow audience members when she said during a BBC talk show that all Saudi-financed mosques in England should be temporarily shut down — and then added that “terrorism is also being imported right under our noses.”

The woman’s comments during BBC Question Time on Thursday came just days after a deadly terrorist attack took at least 22 lives outside a Manchester concert hall and for which the Islamic State has claimed responsibility.

“I am a British Muslim, and I am very proud of my heritage, but I am also a realist and there is an elephant in the room here and unfortunately … there is an issue with regards to radicalization and extremism that does exist within our community,” the woman said, adding that it’s something “we have to deal with.”

Source: British Muslim Woman Gets Real on National TV: ‘Terrorism Is…Being Imported Right Under Our Noses’ – Glenn Beck

Collateral damage

6-year-old Lennox is acceptable collateral damage to sanctuary city administrators and judges, and it’s just too high a price to pay so that a few liberal left-wing politicians and functionaries can feel good about themselves and their policies that protect illegals ahead of our legitimate citizens.

Illegal Alien Deported 15 Times Hits 6-Year-Old Returning from Disneyland

This is the sort of crime that sanctuary cities go out of their way to protect. And these are the innocents who pay the price for sanctuary cities policies that put illegal aliens ahead of Americans.

Source: Illegal Alien Deported 15 Times Hits 6-Year-Old Returning from Disneyland | Frontpage Mag