Facing the sun

I like James Blunt’s music a lot. The other day I was listening to one of his songs on Spotify titled Face the Sun, and was particularly taken with the following lyrics:

Yes, this love’s not good enough,
It’s time to let it go,
Our weary hearts just fall apart,
I feel it in my bones.

And God knows,
That it’s hard to find the one,
But in time,
All the flowers turn to face the sun.

While this song is probably about finding ‘true love,’ these lines are especially meaningful to those of us whose life journey is much nearer the end than the beginning.

As my days all run together into a state of perpetual ‘now’, I find myself turning more and more to God for those things the world can no longer provide. And my anticipation and longing grows daily for the mysterious journey that lies ahead.

Hillary and Bill

If Hillary wins the presidency (God forbid) then ‘Slick Willie’ will be the nation’s First Philanderer.

Hillary and Bill Clinton’s fights at White House detailed in new book

Just as Hillary Rodham Clinton is preparing to launch her presidential campaign, a new behind-the-scenes book about life at the White House is providing a fresh look at her bitter fights with husband-President Bill Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky affair, including a bloody clash in the first couple’s bedroom.

“There was blood all over the president and first lady’s bed,” writes former White House reporter Kate Anderson Brower. “A member of the residence staff got a frantic call from the maid who found the mess. Someone needed to come quickly and inspect the damage. The blood was Bill Clinton‘s. The president had to get several stitches to his head.”

via Hillary and Bill Clinton’s fights at White House detailed in new book – Washington Times.

Full court press

Having completely exhausted its own credibility, the Obama administration called in the geek squad this week in a flimsy final attempt to lend some credence to its ill-conceived Iran nuclear deal.

White House looks to scientists to sell Iran deal

The president’s top nerd, MIT-nuclear-physicist-turned-Energy-Secretary Ernest Moniz, who has been chosen to lead the effort brought his expertise to the White House briefing room Monday, explaining exactly how the framework would prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon and give the world a one-year lead time if they renege.

via White House looks to scientists to sell Iran deal – Sarah Wheaton – POLITICO.

Obama’s Munich

Here is a link to an excellent opinion piece by Victor Davis Hanson.

The Ghastly Shadow of Munich

By reaching an agreement with Iran, John Kerry and Barack Obama hope to salvage some sort of legacy — in the vain fashion of Chamberlain — out of a heretofore failed foreign policy.

via The Ghastly Shadow of Munich – Victor Davis Hanson – Page full.

And good riddance


Reid to CNN: Hey, McCarthyism works, huh?

When Harry Reid announced his retirement, I wrote that the worst part of this process would be listening to people praise his service, especially as Majority Leader:

By any objective measure, Reid has been a blight on the Senate and on Congress. He declared the Iraq war “lost” while Americans were still fighting there, and he derailed a budget process that had worked well before his ascent into leadership. He stripped the Senate of one of its debate functions after sabotaging the amendment process, and nearly destroyed regular order. On top of that, Reid used his post to commit McCarthyite character assassination of Mitt Romney, claiming to have inside knowledge that Romney hadn’t paid taxes in ten years, a smear that turned out to be utterly false. He has been a malevolent force for years in American politics, and nothing he did in Washington will improve the place as much as his leaving it.

via Reid to CNN: Hey, McCarthyism works, huh? « Hot Air.

P.S. The same un-named confidential sources who told Reid about Mitt’s unpaid taxes report that, in fact, Harry is Nancy Pelosi’s gay love child.

Robert Kennedy, Jr.

Flipping through the channels the other day I stumbled on this old interview of Robert Kennedy, Jr. on Al Jeezera America (Al Gore’s also-failing alternative to failing news network MSNBC).  Al Jeezera America found, in Kennedy, another quasi-credible source to support its own underlying anti-America bias.

While it was entirely foreseeable to any American (except Al Gore) that Al Jeezera America would go toes up in the ratings, I was startled that a Kennedy would put forth some of the opinions that Robert Kennedy, Jr. espoused. It sounds like Robert’s early drug use left him with some lasting brain damage.

Robert Kennedy Jr. talks to David Shuster | Al Jaeger America

Al Jazeera America: You wrote recently that corporations that deliberately, purposefully, maliciously and systematically sponsor climate lies should be given the death penalty. Explain what you mean, and is there precedent for this?

Robert Kennedy, Jr.: Corporations exist under charters that are issued by the state. It’s essentially a license to do business in a particular state. In every state that issues corporate licenses, the license requires that the corporation function for the public interest and that they cause no harm.If a corporation begins to cause harm or if they function against the public interest or conduct themselves in ways that are contrary to the public interest, the secretary of state or the attorney general of that state has the right to withdraw their charter. This has been done before. [In] 1998 the Republican attorney general of the state of New York, Dennis Vacco, gave the corporate death penalty to the Tobacco Institute and to some of the other front groups for the tobacco industry.

via Robert Kennedy Jr. talks to David Shuster | Al Jazeera America.