If crooked Hillary wins

These are the folks with whom crooked Hillary and her evil ilk intend to grow the Democrat party. No price to great to pay in human suffering for votes.

‘Worthless Christians’ Treated ‘Like Animals’

Muslim Attacks on Christian Churches

United States: A pro-ISIS group calling itself the United Cyber Caliphate defaced the website of the Christian Reformed Church in the city of Lamont, Michigan. A 15-year-old teenage girl discovered the website’s defacement—which consisted of a YouTube ISIS propaganda video and Arabic text—while searching for the church’s phone number. The video’s spokesman says, “We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses and enslave your women by the permission of Allah, the Exalted. This is His promise to us, He is glorified and He does not fail in His promise.”

Source: ‘Worthless Christians’ Treated ‘Like Animals’ | Frontpage Mag

Obama’s fellow Muslim buddies

Prime drone targets all:


Obama State Dept: Iran the ‘Foremost State Sponsor of Terrorism’
Iran remained the foremost state sponsor of terrorism in 2015, providing a range of support, including financial, training, and equipment, to groups around the world – particularly Hezbollah. Iran continued to be deeply involved in the conflict in Syria, working closely with the Assad regime to counter the Syrian opposition, and also in Iraq where Iran continued to provide support to militia groups, including the Foreign Terrorist Organization Kata’ib Hezbollah. In addition, it was implicated for its support to violent Shia opposition group attacks in Bahrain. Iran was joined in these efforts by Hezbollah, which continued to operate globally, as demonstrated by the disruption of Hezbollah activities in Peru in 2014 and Cyprus in 2015.

Source: Obama State Dept: Iran the ‘Foremost State Sponsor of Terrorism’ | Frontpage Mag

Clinton: The New ‘C’ Word

Why isn’t money-laundering-career-criminal Hillary Clinton in prison?

From Donald Trump’s recent speech:

The dirty two dozen: Clinton’s top controversies
“Hillary Clinton has perfected the politics of personal profit and theft,” Trump said Wednesday in his first speech since dismissing his former campaign manager. “She ran the State Department like her own personal hedge fund – doing favors for oppressive regimes, and many others, in exchange for cash.”

Source: The dirty two dozen: Clinton’s top controversies | Washington Examiner

Run Off Election

In the inbox today:

How do you settle a presidential election when the vote is too close to call?

With an ice fishing contest, of course!

After the first round of votes were counted, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were deadlocked. Instead of going through a recount, the two agreed to a week-long ice fishing contest to settle the election. Whoever caught the most fish at the end of the week would be the President.

The candidates decided a remote frozen lake in northern Wisconsin would be the ideal place. No observers were allowed on the fishing grounds, but both candidates would need to have their catches verified and counted each afternoon at 5pm.

After Day 1, Trump returned with a total of 10 fish, Hillary came back with nothing.

Day 2 finished, and Trump caught another 20 fish, but Hillary once again came back with nothing!

That night, Hillary and her cronies got together and accused Trump of being a low-life, cheatin’ jerk.

Instead of fishing on Day 3, they were just going to follow Trump to spy on him and figure out how he was cheating.

Day 3 finished up and Trump had an incredible day, adding 50 fish to his total.

That night, Hillary and her democratic buddies got together for the full report on how Donald was cheating. Hillary stood up to give her report and said, “You are not going to believe this, he’s actually cutting holes in the ice!”


Another piece of Muslim-extremest crap circles the drain.

Notorious Islamic State leader killed in airstrike, Pentagon says
One of the Islamic State’s top leaders in Iraq’s Anbar province was killed in a U.S. airstrike last week, the Pentagon said Monday. The “military emir” of Anbar, known as Abu Wahib, and three other Islamic State members were killed May 6 while traveling in a vehicle near the town of Rutbah in western Iraq, Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said.

Source: Notorious Islamic State leader killed in airstrike, Pentagon says – The Washington Post