Eerily appropriate

Hillary Clinton Goes to Welfare Island

Hillary Clinton decided to deliver her first major policy speech on Welfare Island; the site of a notoriously brutal prison and lunatic asylum.

Like Hillary, Welfare Island has gone through many identities to try and fix its image problem. It was Blackwell’s Island when it was the site of the New York City Lunatic Asylum described by Dickens as a place of “naked ugliness and horror.” You can see the grim ruins of the Smallpox Hospital which some have claimed is haunted by the ghosts of those who suffered and died there.

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Et tu, Hillary?

Hillary was firmly behind Obama (a dangerous place for a sleazy woman with a knife) before teaming up with Nancy Pelosi to stick it to him. Nobody would accuse Hillary of not knowing upon which side her political bread is buttered.

45 Times Hillary Clinton Praised the Trans-Pacific Partnership

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CNN has turned up a whopping 45 instances in which Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pushed a trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, that she now says she opposes. Of course, she was doing the bidding of the president, not an independent actor — but this goes to suggest, as I’ve noted, that she is less offering coherent answers on trade issues, at the forefront of the policy debate right now, than she is trying to find politically palatable ones.

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Nancy Pelosi just snubbed Obama over huge trade deal

House Democrats just helped kill a key part of President Obama’s top-priority trade package.

In a stunning defeat, the Obama-backed Trade Adjustment Assistance measure was voted down, with the final vote tally coming to 126-302.

Following a closed-door meeting with Obama and House Democrats on Friday, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi joined rebels inside her party and announced her opposition.

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