Capital Dome Wikileaking again

From BigGovt today:

On Sunday, the website Wilileaks began releasing 250,000 US diplomatic cables. We understand that most conservatives, because they are concerned about national security, are upset about this. We are more conflicted. A centralized, federal government should operate as much in the open as possible. Letting a government keep secrets gives them the tools to compromise our liberty.

via » Monday Open Thread: Wikileaks Edition – Big Government.

I, too, am conflicted, but for a different reason. The U.S. was formed as a republic rather than a pure democracy for a reason. The framers must have understood that, for the sake of the country at large, some things cannot be broadly shared. While the people are sovereign, it must, than, be up to the elected representatives of the people to prudently with hold some information until it is no longer a threat.

However, given the general moral deterioration of the Congress to its current self-centered political condition, is it ever possible for us to learn any un-spun, truthful or meaningful thing about the affairs of government, without a Daniel Ellsberg or a WikiLeaks?

In the end, for the sake of the safety of our people in uniform, and many others, I would come down against the release of this information. But I would feel much better about the choice if I had any faith left that our elected representatives are capable of serving anything other than their own selfish political interests.


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