Night of the walking dead

One thinks of Adolf in the last days of WWII, down in his bunker beneath bombed-out Berlin, issuing orders to no-longer-existent armies, in his deranged mind, still fighting a war everyone, but he, knew was lost.

After meeting with Congressional leaders yesterday, Mr. Obama dispatched Mr. Geithner and budget director Jacob Lew to negotiate a deal. Yet the President is still holding out against even a temporary extension of the 2001 and 2003 tax rates. Republicans won 63 House seats running against those tax increases, but Mr. Obama still seems under the spell of the dead enders led by soon-to-be-former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The magnitude of the looming tax increase ought to snap him out of this hypnosis. If the Democrats who still run Capitol Hill for another month fail to act, tens of millions of American households will see their paychecks shrink immediately in the New Year.

via Review & Outlook: The Dead Enders –


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