Daniels Inouye and Akaka

Fascinating insight into corrupt Hawaii politics.

Ever since ex-Governor John Waihee in 1995 proposed transferring Bishop Estate HQ to the Cheyenne River Sioux Indian Reservation, Hawaii’s corrupt political operators have dreamed of their own tribal jurisdiction to protect them from prosecution as they loot the Hawaiian patrimony. Towards that end, the Akaka Bill was first introduced—just six months beyond the ouster of the Broken Trustees. After a decade of trying, this was the year the Akaka Gang supposedly had all its ducks lined up in a row. Democrats controlled the House and Senate and the White House was occupied by a President who said “get it on my desk and I will sign it.”

But it did not happen. The Akaka Bill has crashed and burned for what may be the final time. And the finger pointing is well underway.

via How Inouye sabotaged Akaka Bill > Hawaii Free Press > Articles Main.


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