Acceptable risk

I can’t really blame the TSA for being as inept as the President. He did, after all, re-create it in his own image.

Obama and the left are more than willing to place Americans at risk so they can feel good about themselves. Worse than feeling good about themselves, ultimately it’s about votes. The left would perform any obscene lap dance on their constituents to garner votes. And, in their political calculus, if a few Americans have to suffer and die as a consequence, it is worth the risk.

That the perpetrators were all foreign-born Muslims who consorted with radical Islamic clerics, attended suspect mosques, worked with questionable Islamic charities, espoused anti-American or anti-Western views, and traveled to countries known for terrorism can only be chalked up to coincidence. The TSA is clearly justified in its policy that it “does not conduct ethnic or religious profiling.”

via The American Spectator : Dial TSA for Murder.


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