Contrast Obama with the Brits

The Brits sent its military into Libya to rescue its citizens. Obama rented a ferry boat that had to wait three days for the weather to clear. Inspiring.

In a bold and daring move that suggested Churchillian backbone, the British military on Saturday flew military aircraft into Libya to rescue oil workers and others stranded in desert locations amid the escalating violence of Moammar Gaddafi’s reign of terror.

The secret mission reportedly plucked 150 or more British citizens and other nationals from the chaos and flew them to safety in Malta Saturday, U.K. Defense Secretary Liam Fox confirmed to Associated Press.

The bravado of the British in acting to rescue its citizens from a madman’s mayhem stands in such stark contrast to the inept and weak-kneed response of the United States to the Libyan crisis that is raises these questions: What good is the world’s greatest military machine if our leaders won’t use it? And why pretend to be a world leader if we won’t act like one?

via The American Spectator : Ferry Diplomacy.


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