Muslim Brotherhood slithers center stage

Ominous portent of things to come in Egypt.

Elections Chief Says Egyptian Constitutional Changes Are Approved, The A.P. Reports

The New York Times
Sun, March 20, 2011 — 2:03 PM ET

The chief of Egypt’s elections commission said that a package
of constitutional amendments was approved with 77 percent of
the vote in favor, The Associated Press reported.

The changes eliminate restrictions on political rights and
open the way for parliamentary and presidential elections
within months. Opponents argued that the time-frame was too
quick for political parties to organize. Egypt’s best
organized political forces — the Muslim Brotherhood and
members of the former ruling party — campaigned for passage.

The commission chief, Ahmed Attiya, said 41 percent of 45
million eligible voters cast ballots in Saturday’s
referendum. More than 14 million — 77.2 percent — voted in
favor, with around 4 million — 22.8 percent — opposed.


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