Libya and our puerile president

From Victor Davis Hanson:

Second, much of this mess hinges on a number of puerile (childishly silly and trivial) assumptions: that a bunch of televised rebels swarming a Libyan city equals the birth of democracy, as if an unknown group of dissidents could be assumed to be competent and well-intentioned; and that a monster like Qaddafi — with a four-decade pedigree of near-constant violence — could be expected to simply step down. Apparently, we were to believe that he would follow the example of Mubarak’s tail-between-the-legs flight; or that he would depart because Barack Hussein Obama ordered him to, or because there was some chance of serious violence if he did not; or that he would find exile a preferable alternative to a stormy continuance of his rule. I think most adolescents in the real world would know that the above assumptions were all fantasies.

via Hard Truths on Libya – By Victor Davis Hanson – The Corner – National Review Online.

From Charles Krauthammer:

President Obama is proud of how he put together the Libyan operation. A model of international cooperation. All the necessary paperwork. Arab League backing. A Security Council resolution. Everything but a resolution from the Congress of the United States, a minor inconvenience for a citizen of the world. It’s war as designed by an Ivy League professor.

via The Professor’s War – Charles Krauthammer – National Review Online.


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