The has-been who never quite was

And good riddance. Guess CBS is tired of trailing both NBC and ABC by double digits.

NEW YORK (AP) — Katie Couric is leaving her anchor post at “CBS Evening News” less than five years after becoming the first woman to solely helm a network TV evening newscast.

via AP source: Couric leaving News anchor post | The Daily Caller – Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment.

“I’m sorry, Katie, but you know facts are facts,” Limbaugh said. “You guys might own the narrative, but we have the facts here, and ‘CBS Evening News’ ratings are the lowest in history. And don’t think if that ever happened to my ratings, people would report that. I’m sure the stories are already written.

“The fact is, ladies and gentlemen, that she destroyed it. The network news ratings for CBS just plummeted.”

via Limbaugh: Departing Couric ‘Destroyed’ CBS Evening News.

Where’s Bill Maher when there’s a target truly worthy of his sexist vitriol?


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