Fascism on the march

This from GrassRoots Action Alert. Obama, in true liberal fashion, seeks to stifle internet free-speech, thereby to control the public message and, consequently, our beliefs.

We need to act, in order that this current initiative against the First Amendment suffers the same fate as the so called ‘Fairness Doctrine.’

Obama’s Internet Takeover to Begin Nov. 20th

Late last week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) took what is being called “the final step” towards implementing their illegal Net Neutrality regulations. The FCC’s Net Neutrality regulations would be job-killers — likely stifling the $30 billion annually that investors pour into the Internet — and will lead to the FCC’s control of Web content.

According to Less Government, despite multiple law suits, a move by the House of Representatives and a D.C. Circuit Court unanimously ruling that the FCC had no authority to take control, the FCC will finalize full implementation of the regulations on November 20.

This is the latest example of the surging statist expansion while private sector job opportunities continue to shrink. Now Americans are in danger of suffering a free speech “knockout blow” to one of the last, great free-market frontiers our nation and the world has ever seen — the Internet.

ACTION: Click here to sign the Grassfire Nation petition to “Stop the Fed Takeover of the Internet,” With your help, we anticipate delivering 150,000 petitions or more in the week ahead as we work together to stop the federal takeover of the Internet!


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