Excellent point

Dennis Prager is a strong proponent of moral clarity. In this penetrating article, Dennis brings to bear his considerable acumen on the subject of adultery and politics. After reading Dennis on the subject, I conclude that if we are waiting for the perfect candidate,  that is, one without sin, we may be in for a very long wait indeed.

What Does Adultery Tell Us About Character?

Media reporting or questioning about candidates’ sexual lives constitutes a form of hypocrisy so deep that the English language does not have a word for it. Media people report on the sexual lives of candidates — for virtually any public office — on the grounds that since these politicians have great power, the public needs to know all about them. Yet, they offer no insight into their own sexual lives, even though some in the news media are far more powerful than almost any politician except the president of the United States. If we cannot trust a candidate who committed adultery, then why can we trust a news reporter or editor who has committed adultery?

via What Does Adultery Tell Us About Character? – Dennis Prager – Townhall Conservative.


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