Palestine myth

An Arab-American gentleman I once met said, “It takes two Jews to make an Arab.” He was speaking of the acumen of Arabs over Jews in cutting the harder deal in business transactions. But the Arab approach applies equally well in politics, in that Arabs believe that anyplace they’ve ever occupied, set foot in, seen or heard of is theirs by divine right. Palestine is no exception.

I’m not yet in the Gingrich-for-president camp, but I mostly agree with Newt’s “an invented people” remark. To Newt’s credit, the Arab League apparently did not.

Arab League Condemns Newt

On Sunday, a spokesman for the Arab League condemned Newt Gingrichs remarks about the Palestinians being “an invented people” calling them “irresponsible and dangerous.”Newt should wear their condemnation as a badge of honor.

via The American Spectator : The Spectacle Blog : Arab League Condemns Newt.

Ask the average American about the origins of Palestine, and he will probably respond, “Duh.. .” Here are a couple of sources that agree with Newt and provide historical perspective:

The Washington Post (of all people):
Newt Gingrich right on Palestinians as invented people, says Hoover’s Daniel Pipes – Think Tanked – The Washington Post.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Palestine from Palestine Facts:
Early History of Palestine | Palestine Facts


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