Chip off the old block(head)

Twenty-seven year old, four star general Kim Jong Un, as his first official act after his father’s death, flips us all the finger.

Surprise! New Dear Leader conducts missile test

You know what a good funeral needs?  Fireworks:

North Korea test fired a short-range missile off the country’s eastern coast Monday, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported, the same day leader Kim Jong Il’s death was announced.

via Surprise! New Dear Leader conducts missile test « Hot Air.

And Kim Jong-Il’s legacy:

The Death of ‘Dear Leader’ 

The defining image of North Korea under Kim Jong-Il, who died on Sunday, may not be any of the 34,000 public monuments to Kim’s father, the “eternal president” Kim Il-Sung — a small army of grandiose statuary that keeps alive the Kims’ Stalinist personality cult. Nor is it necessarily that endless gift to satirists, the photographs of the diminutive Kim Jong-Il, complete with trademark bouffant, large-framed glasses and Maoist zip-up jacket, looking every bit the part of a villain from the James Bond films he adored. It is not even North Korea’s annual military parades, a fearsome throwback to the Cold War and the nearest thing the country has to a thriving industry.Rather, it may be a satellite map of the Korean Peninsula. In it, a sea of lights illuminates South Korea. Directly above lies a night-black expanse dotted by the solitary light of the North Korean capital, Pyongyang. It is a fitting symbol of Kim Jong-Il’s totalitarian rule, which turned the country into a pariah state, starved millions of North Koreans, killed untold thousands of others, and plunged the nation into darkness.

via The Death of ‘Dear Leader’ | FrontPage Magazine.


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