Dark horse

Personally, I like Jeb Bush and admire his positions in Florida, particularly on education. But is he just too risky a candidate for us?

Governor Bush would provide a wonderful opportunity to Obama’s class warfare campaign to re-kindle all his anti-George-Bush rhetoric, and, at the same time, chuck incendiary nepotism bombs into crowds of his loyal left-wing supporters.

Maybe it’s just too much in what is already know is going to be a mean and vicious campaign.

GOP unhappiness with field fuels buzz for Jeb Bush

There’s no doubt some Republicans remain unhappy with the GOP presidential field. They wish other candidates — Mitch Daniels, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush — had entered a long time ago. But the Iowa caucuses are in two weeks. Is there any chance, at this late date, that something could change?

All the alternative candidates have repeatedly said they won’t run. But there is new speculation focusing on Bush after the former Florida governor turned heads Monday morning when he wrote, in the Wall Street Journal, a campaign-like economic manifesto headlined “Capitalism and the Right to Rise.”

via GOP unhappiness with field fuels buzz for Jeb Bush | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner.


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