Unintended consequences

Months ago, we passed the point where anything Obama says or does has any purpose other than getting himself re-elected. In Obama’s conduct, we see the true,  ruthless character of extreme liberalism. With liberals it isn’t just ‘unintended consequence’ but, rather, ‘consequences be damned.’

Iraq’s Christians Near Extinction

As if the situation wasn’t bad enough, after pointing out that “Iraqi Christians … are living in fear,” U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf said:“Now with the [U.S.] forces leaving … I think the Iraqi Christians are going to go through a very, very difficult time.” …

He urged the Obama administration to do more to speak up on the issue:  “They know this is a problem. Our government ought to be advocating and ought to be pushing.”

It ought to, but it’s not.   After calling the U.S. government’s silence concerning the blatant persecution of Iraq’s Christians “disturbing,” the founder of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council added: “We’re on the verge of extinction.”

via Iraq’s Christians Near Extinction | FrontPage Magazine.


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