Keystone crap

Once again Obama gives Americans the finger. The only job this president is interested in is his own.

Barack Obama: Mayor of Portlandia

The president has ruled against granting permission to build the Keystone Pipeline in the United States. In so doing, he makes a decision against the oil of our friendly, democratic, and peaceful neighbors to the north and for the oil of tyrants in the Middle East and a dictator in Venezuela.

Perhaps more important, he has decided against using the North American energy revolution to rebuild the economy. You need real businesses to provide real jobs. You also happen to need real businesses and real jobs to fund government jobs and the welfare state.

Instead, our president acts as though he is the mayor of Portlandia where young people go to retire and the unemployment problem has been solved by paying citizens to finish each other’s sentences.

via The American Spectator : The Spectacle Blog : Barack Obama: Mayor of Portlandia.


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