Obama’s Animal Farm

The rise of Barak Obama marks the greatest advance of secularism in America since the French revolution.

The Audacity of Obama’s Secularism

Obama’s secularism is like an acid that burns through everything it touches. His poisonous ideology authorizes him not just to “separate church and state” but to dominate church and state. The goal of this control is to secularize everything, including religion itself.

Contained within his secularism is a totalitarian seed, which will grow and grow until nothing is a “private” matter. As the hapless executives at the Komen Foundation recently learned–after committing the thought crime of withholding private donations from abortionists–no one is free to leave Obama’s Animal Farm.

[Secular liberals would, I suppose, argue that abortion of female babies is a form of breast cancer prevention.]

via The American Spectator : The Audacity of Obama’s Secularism.


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