Liberal descent into darkness

Obama’s unrelenting drive toward a secular, a totalitarian – even a fascist – America is becoming truly alarming.

As if the assault on the Catholic church wasn’t bad enough, now anyone who talks about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution or the Bible is now in the Obama administration’s cross-hairs as a potential terrorist.

Being old and broke is bad enough, now, in Obama’s eyes, I have become a terrorist as well. But, considering the left-wing liberal source of the distinction, I wear it as a badge of honor.

FBI Terrorist Alert: Beware of Those Who Reference the Constitution or Bible

The FBI held a press conference this week on a terrorist alert bulletin, which it sent to every federal, state and local law enforcement agency across the country. Unfortunately, that bulletin continued a trend of “terrorist profiles” issued since Barack Hussein Obama has been in office. This particular alert identified such broad ideological characteristics that it can be construed to include the activities of tens of millions of law-abiding Americans.

The FBI counterterrorism division report concluded that those who believe that our government has exceeded its constitutional limits or are protesting for restoration of constitutional integrity might pose a threat. By that definition, anyone associated with the “Tea Party movement” is suspect, and that’s the problem with this sweeping and politically motivated “bureaucrap.”

via FBI Terrorist Alert: Beware of Those Who Reference the Constitution or Bible – Alexanders Essays – PatriotPost.US.


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