So much for vows of poverty

And as for charity? Charity begins at home, as the Sisters exercise their religious right to turn a buck.

The Little Sisters of Limousine Liberalism

So lets get down to brass tacks. How much is Sister Keehan worth for such political interventions? The checkered Catholic hospitals Keehan represents as chief executive officer of the Catholic Health Association stand to receive gobs and gobs of cash from the federal government if Obamacare holds up past 2012. Consequently, the members of the association are more than happy to pony up huge salaries to executives skilled at manipulating the Catholic electorate for Obama.

Keehan is worth $962,467 to them in total salary and benefits, according to the Schedule J Form 990 2010 document sent to me by CHA. Theoretically, this is paid to the nuns order, though CHA adds an intriguing caveat to its compensation figures:

The descriptions below provide an overview of the composition of the five compensation figure columns B, C, D, E and F. Note that for Sisters Carol Keehan and Patricia Talone and for Father Tom Nairn, all amounts in column B, except for certain fringe benefits included in column Biii, were paid to their respective orders.

In other words, not all the money goes to their religious orders. What are these “certain fringe benefits” to which the caveat refers? I didnt get a comprehensible answer from CHA. But its spokesman assured me that these “certain fringe benefits” werent large. Maybe the Wall Street Journal should drill down into the numbers.

via The American Spectator : The Little Sisters of Limousine Liberalism.


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