How about a little respect for Prime Minister Netanyahu this time, Mr. President?

Hopefully, President Obama will not callously disrespect Mr. Netanyahu as he did last time the Israeli Prime Minister visited the White House.

And, by the way, since Obama took office, he has visited Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Turkey; you would think – since he was in the neighborhood – the President could have, at least once, dropped in on Israel; arrogant, dismissive and disgraceful, that’s what Obama is.

Commentary online magazine predicts Obama – our anti-Semite-in-Chief – will behave himself. Lets hope so.

Netanyahu Visit Will Highlight Obama’s Jewish Charm Offensive

During the first three years of the Obama administration, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visits to the White House have been the occasion for some memorable fights with the president. He has been ambushed, insulted, lectured and, on at least one occasion, gave back as good as he got as he pushed back against Obama’s attempt to undercut Israel’s negotiating position with the Palestinians and its rights in Jerusalem. But Netanyahu’s next visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will probably be a very different one entirely. With the president fighting hard to retain the votes and the financial support of American Jews and other friends of Israel, Netanyahu can expect that Obama will be on his very best behavior when he arrives next month for a visit that was announced yesterday.

via Netanyahu Visit Will Highlight Obama’s Jewish Charm Offensive « Commentary Magazine.


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