Time to leave

The past decade has taught us one thing: There is no common basis for political or ethical dialogue between 21st century America and 11th century Afghanistan. Recent events punctuate that lesson, and it is no longer tenable to ask our brave men and women to risk their precious lives serving in an environment so dangerous that even our allies – including the Afghan commander-in-chief himself – are enemies.

Bring our people home now and let the Afghanis stew in their own centuries-old, inbred hatred for all things not Islamic.

If Obama allows Iran to get the bomb, we will surely have to return to Afghanistan to deal with the threat of nuclear terror weapons in the hands of Taliban and al-Qaeda radicals. On that day, we will be free of our current restraint of deciding who is our enemy and who is not.

Gulf Widens Between U.S. and a More Volatile Karzai

KABUL, Afghanistan — The Americans in Afghanistan are “demons.”

They claim they burned Korans by mistake, but really those were “Satanic acts that will never be forgiven by apologies.”

The massacre of 16 Afghan children, women and men by an American soldier “was not the first incident, indeed it was the 100th, the 200th and 500th incident.”

Such harsh talk may sound as if it comes from the Taliban, but those are all remarks either made personally by the United States’ increasingly hostile ally here, President Hamid Karzai, or issued by his office in recent days and weeks.

via Gulf Widens Between U.S. and a More Volatile Karzai – NYTimes.com.


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