Thank you, Justice Roberts

Rather than regretting the Supreme Courts ruling, we who oppose Obama and his evil minions should be grateful, because now we have a clear issue with which to defeat Obama in November. Thanks to the Supreme Court, ObamaCare is now officially, and for all time, the ObamaCare Tax on all Americans – rich and poor alike. And not just another tax, but the largest tax in United States history – all when Obama promised no tax increases on the middle class.

By November it will be undeniably clear to the majority of voters that nothing coming from Obama’s mouth bears any relation whatsoever to the truth. Dick Morris states the case clearly in this video:

Obama’s “Victory” Will Defeat Him

In this video commentary, I discuss how Obama’s victory is Pyrrhic. He has won the battle but, he will lose the war. Tune in!

via Obama’s “Victory” Will Defeat Him – Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert! at


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