The big wheel turns

After years of Democratic party accusations against President Reagan’s policies as “tickle down economics,” Republicans now have their turn with Romney’s depiction of President Obama’s policies as “trickle down government.”

Romney Debates His Way Back Into Race

Democrats grasping at straws may contend that while Obama lost, there were no game-changing moments in the debate that will transform the race. But Romney’s use of the key phrase “trickle down government” to describe Obama’s approach to the economy was telling. So, too, was the spectacle of Obama smirking and refusing to look at the challenger. It not only conjured up memories of Al Gore’s telling sighs while George W. Bush spoke, it also gave the public an excellent idea of his arrogance. After four years of not being asked tough questions by an accommodating mainstream media, being confronted by someone who refused to take him at face value looked like it shocked and dismayed him.

via Romney Debates His Way Back Into Race « Commentary Magazine.


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