Obama’s re-election inspires Israel’s enemies

Obama’s conciliatory Middle East policy of appeasement and his abandonment of our embassy staff in Benghazi U.S. has convinced Israel’s enemies that the U.S. doesn’t have Israel’s back as Obama promised. Now that Obama is a “lame duck” president, it’s no longer necessary for him to feign support for Israel or suppress his obvious antisemitism.

Israel is now entirely alone in the region, and Obama has single-handedly made war a certainty.

Time for Mr. Obama to earn his peace prize

Air-raid sirens sounded in Tel Aviv Thursday for the first time since 1991, when Saddam Hussein fired scud missiles at the city during Operation Desert Storm. At least one Iranian-built Fajr missile launched from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip struck a suburb south of the city in the latest attack. Israel continued retaliatory airstrikes in Gaza and began mobilizing 30,000 Army reservists.

via EDITORIAL: Time for Mr. Obama to earn his peace prize – Washington Times.

There is a petition in support of Israel we can sign at LibertyAction.Org:

“A rising tide of militancy is sweeping our region…”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Rosh Hashanah – September 2012

As the nation of Israel faces an unprecendented number of rising Middle East threats, we affirm our longstanding relation to Israel and the Jewish people and we want America, Israel and the world to know we stand with Israel.

via LibertyAction.Org.


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