Michigan votes to de-fund union jihad on workers

It’s a dark, long overdue day for organized crime (aka: unions) in Michigan.

From James Sherk at The Detroit News:

The Right-to-Freeload myth


Right-to-work laws prevent unions from imposing mandatory fees, giving employees the right to work without paying union dues. Otherwise, right-to-work has no effect on collective bargaining [as Obama and his union minions claim]. All other negotiations continue as before. What’s wrong with that?


via Sherk: The Right-to-Freeload myth | The Detroit News | detroitnews.com.

From Amy Payne at Heritage Foundation:

Michigan Right to Work Hitting Union Stronghold


This is the week that Michigan’s workers will finally be freed from forced unionization. After decades of United Auto Workers control over the struggling American auto industry, the Michigan legislature’s passing of a right-to-work law is historic. Governor Rick Snyder (R) is expected to sign the law as early as tomorrow.


Regardless of news reports, the people of Michigan are behind this. A recent poll showed that 51 percent of Michigan voters support right-to-work. Only 41 percent are opposed. In fact, 40 percent of union households supported it. In November, Michigan voters rejected a ballot proposal that would have amended the state constitution to prevent the legislature from passing a right-to-work law and elevated union contracts above state law.


via Morning Bell: Michigan Right to Work Hitting Union Stronghold.


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