Mr. Words Goes to Washington

President Obama is a man or words, not of deeds; so Rally Round the Pole (sans flag), Boys!


And why should we expect anything different from someone who operates from the mini-context of a community organizer? “Words” is his only tool – his hammer. And every issue, every problem – domestic or foreign – looks just like a nail to Mr. Obama.

We manage our expectations of Mr. Obama by expecting nothing, and so far we have not been disappointed.

The President’s Middle East strategy speech was written as a damage-control-crowd-pleaser to combat the calamitous rise of his administration’s un-favorability ratings in the poles in the wake of ISIS beheadings of American reporters James Foley and Steven Sotloff. Predictably, ISIS responded to Mr. Obama’s feckless threats by beheading British aid worker David Haines.

The President’s grand strategy is already backfiring, based on the lack of support at home from Democrats facing re-election and abroad from any potential allies. With just a little help from the President’s mainstream-media-sycophant friends, the whole thing may collapse entirely.

The unvarnished truth: We will never obliterate ISIS by bombing alone or by any other of Mr. Obama’s grand-strategy points. We will need the resolution of the American people to go it alone if necessary, a declaration of war, and boots on the ground – lots of boots on the ground, 60,000+ boots on the ground.

The likelihood of ever achieving that, short of a Pearl-Harbor-like event? Zero to none.

Human beings seem genetically incapable of learning anything from history. It may well take something like a mushroom cloud over an American city before we are ready to do the right thing – the thing that must be done.

Until then we are stuck with the impotent bleating of our incompetent president proclaiming, “Peace in out time.”


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