In a just world

In a just world, Hillary Clinton would be barred from running for president for committing the same felony that caused General Petraeus’ demise.

Clinton private email violated ‘clear-cut’ State Dept.

The State Department has had a policy in place since 2005 to warn officials against routine use of personal email accounts for government work, a regulation in force during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state that appears to be at odds with her reliance on a private email for agency business, POLITICO has learned.

via Clinton private email violated ‘clear-cut’ State Dept. rules – Josh Gerstein – POLITICO.

The only difference is that, hopefully, the General will rebound and the Clintons will not.

Dave Petraeus, National Hero

I’m not sure how, but he will serve his country again. In fact, in what he is already doing—not only for our national security debate, but also our wounded warriors, our next generation of students that he currently instructs when wearing his teaching hat, and Americans around the country who admire his grace under duress, is just the latest chapter in a remarkable career that is far from over.

via Dave Petraeus, National Hero – Michael O’Hanlon – POLITICO Magazine.


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