Robert Kennedy, Jr.

Flipping through the channels the other day I stumbled on this old interview of Robert Kennedy, Jr. on Al Jeezera America (Al Gore’s also-failing alternative to failing news network MSNBC).  Al Jeezera America found, in Kennedy, another quasi-credible source to support its own underlying anti-America bias.

While it was entirely foreseeable to any American (except Al Gore) that Al Jeezera America would go toes up in the ratings, I was startled that a Kennedy would put forth some of the opinions that Robert Kennedy, Jr. espoused. It sounds like Robert’s early drug use left him with some lasting brain damage.

Robert Kennedy Jr. talks to David Shuster | Al Jaeger America

Al Jazeera America: You wrote recently that corporations that deliberately, purposefully, maliciously and systematically sponsor climate lies should be given the death penalty. Explain what you mean, and is there precedent for this?

Robert Kennedy, Jr.: Corporations exist under charters that are issued by the state. It’s essentially a license to do business in a particular state. In every state that issues corporate licenses, the license requires that the corporation function for the public interest and that they cause no harm.If a corporation begins to cause harm or if they function against the public interest or conduct themselves in ways that are contrary to the public interest, the secretary of state or the attorney general of that state has the right to withdraw their charter. This has been done before. [In] 1998 the Republican attorney general of the state of New York, Dennis Vacco, gave the corporate death penalty to the Tobacco Institute and to some of the other front groups for the tobacco industry.

via Robert Kennedy Jr. talks to David Shuster | Al Jazeera America.


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