Facing the sun

I like James Blunt’s music a lot. The other day I was listening to one of his songs on Spotify titled Face the Sun, and was particularly taken with the following lyrics:

Yes, this love’s not good enough,
It’s time to let it go,
Our weary hearts just fall apart,
I feel it in my bones.

And God knows,
That it’s hard to find the one,
But in time,
All the flowers turn to face the sun.

While this song is probably about finding ‘true love,’ these lines are especially meaningful to those of us whose life journey is much nearer the end than the beginning.

As my days all run together into a state of perpetual ‘now’, I find myself turning more and more to God for those things the world can no longer provide. And my anticipation and longing grows daily for the mysterious journey that lies ahead.


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