Iran’s religion of hatred

While we expect this kind of thing from murderous scum like Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, a sane, rational person would expect behavior like this to automatically disqualify Iran from any negotiations on anything, much less nuclear weapons.

Entering into negotiations with a state sponsor of worldwide terrorism who avowedly hates our guts and would do anything to damage us shouts the ineptness – if not the the moral bankruptcy – of the Obama and his administration.

Every dollar we put in Iran’s pocket by withdrawing sanctions will go toward the murder of Americans, Israelis and our other allies.

Iran ‘Shouts Hatred’ for Israel, Backs Palestinian Terror

VIENNA—Iranian President Hassan Rouhani urged the entire country to “shout its hatred for the Zionists” and back Palestinian efforts to seize territory from Israel, according to comments made Wednesday in celebration of Quds Day, which marks the last Friday in Ramadan and has historically been used to tout Palestinian violence against the Jewish state.

As Iranian and Western negotiators in Vienna meet around the clock in a bid to strike a final nuclear accord, the Iranian president expressed his support for the Palestinian cause and urged the Islamic Republic to unite in its hatred of Israel.

via Iran ‘Shouts Hatred’ for Israel, Backs Palestinian Terror | Washington Free Beacon.


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