Ghost of Nixon hangs over Hillary

It’s getting pretty serious for Hillary when a liberal favorite like Bob Woodward starts comparing her to Richard Nixon, and on liberal rag MSNBC no less. Love it.

Burn, witch. Burn

Woodward: Clinton Emails Like Nixon Tapes

Liberal hero and long-time Washington correspondent Bob Woodward appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Monday to say the arguments being made by Hillary Clinton about the email scandal simply don’t make sense. Woodward said the scale of the emails sent and deleted is massive and it shouldn’t be up to Clinton herself to determine what should be kept secret.

“I would love to have all 60,000, read them,” Woodward said, noting it would be a fascinating character study of Clinton.

Woodward, who helped break the Watergate story wide open, compared Clinton’s attempts to keep her emails secret to Nixon’s secret White House recordings. As for the claim by Clinton that the scandal is only about partisanship and Republican attacks, Woodward dismissed that argument.

“That dog will not hunt at all. You have got Barack Obama’s government looking at this and investigating her,” Woodward said.

via Woodward: Clinton Emails Like Nixon Tapes | Truth Revolt.


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