Fiorina carries the debate

I was moved by Ms. Fiorina’s call to Americans to end the atrocities of Planned Parenthood and, particularly, by the poetic eloquence of her closing remarks:

Carly Fiorina Campaigns in Poetry

In a deft closing statement, Fiorina reminded Americans that they were inheritors to a legacy of republican civic virtues dating back millennia. Moreover, woman have always symbolized these virtues.

“I think what this nation can be and must be is symbolized by Lady Liberty and Lady Justice,” Fiorina closed. “ Lady Liberty stands tall and strong. She is clear-eyed and resolute. She doesn’t shield her eyes from the realities of the world, but she faces outward into the world nevertheless, as we always must. And she holds her torch high, because she knows she is a beacon of hope in a very troubled world.”

“And Lady Justice, Lady Justice holds a sword by her side, because she is a fighter, a warrior for the values and the principles that have made this nation great,” the candidate continued. “She holds a scale in her other hand. And with that scale she says all of us are equal in the eyes of God.”

Source: Carly Fiorina Campaigns in Poetry | commentary

You go, girl!


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