American Jews for Iran

Apparently there is no moral or ethical principle liberal Democrats won’t betray for the sake of their own political careers.

Wasserman-Schultz’s Heartless Iran Partisanship

There is really only one reason why she is voting with Obama: pure partisanship and political advantage. Several months ago, Wasserman-Schultz was part of a broad bipartisan consensus in favor of a tough-minded policy on negotiations with Iran. Democrats abandoned that consensus at the behest of the president all the while claiming Republicans who stuck to their principles were the ones who were behaving in a partisan manner. If Wasserman-Schultz were to tell us that a vote against the deal was simply incompatible with the retention of her post as DNC chair, that would at least be honest. Instead, she obfuscates and contradicts herself, as did every other Democrat forced to explain why they are approving a measure that runs contrary to everything they’ve previously said about the subject

Source: Wasserman-Schultz’s Heartless Iran Partisanship | commentary


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