Munich Moment

If you are interested in how Obama destabilized the Middle East and, in the process, ignited the fuse to Armageddon, I urge you to watch the powerful PBS Frontline documentary that aired January 5, 2015, ‘Netanyahu at War.’

This chilling 2-hour spell-binder concludes after Netanyahu’s historic address to a joint session of congress before Obama’s re-election, condemning Obama’s Iran nuclear deal. It is a flashback to 1939 when Winston Churchill and others tried to convince Neville Chambairlan of the futility of trying to negotiate a meaningful agreement with Adolph Hitler.

If Obama’s agreement with Iran ends, as some fear it will, with a cascading nuclear exchange between Israel and Iran, history will remember Benjamin Netanyahu as the man who warned us and whom we chose to ignore.

Netanyahu at War | FRONTLINE

An inside look at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political rise and his relationship with the U.S.

Source: Netanyahu at War | FRONTLINE


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