One day at a time

I went into AA on June 28, 1980, which means that, as of today, I have lived one day at a time without a drink exactly 13,000 times.

My goal in sobriety remains slow, steady progress.  Had I only walked the length of one football field each day for 13,000 days, I would have arrived 739 miles from where I started. Not an earth-shaking distance but certainly far, far from where I was when I first crawled into AA.

I’ll (not) drink to that.


Everyone must believe in something.
I believe I’ll have another drink.


One thought on “One day at a time

  1. Arthur Lessing

    David, congrats. 13000 is big number. In the 30 or so years we have known each other you have been one of the nicest most trustworthy persons I have known; of course the insurance industry didn’t set the bar too high. Continue your walk.



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