Deplorable me

ribbon-blackDeplorable me, I remember waking up to the horror of 9/11 15-years ago and have come to believe in the decade and a half since, that politicians, however well-intentioned at first, get so swept up in protecting their political careers that, eventually, they become incapable of doing for the country what needs to be done to protect Americans. (That’s one of the reasons I support term limits.)

The average politician regularly and systematically spoon-feeds his or her constituents a bland, unsatisfying and unstaining Pablum of ‘political correctness’ and generations-old rhetoric of race and class division.

Rare indeed is the American politician with courage to rally his or her troops to bravely march toward the gunfire of the battles that really need to be fought in this country, and I believe Trump may, possibly, be one of these rare Americans.

Deplorable Me

Deplorable Me

That belief compels me to vote for Donald in November because: 1) He has a real track record of difficult accomplishments in the real world – not just empty rhetoric like Obama and Clinton; 2) he’s a multi-billionaire who doesn’t need to peddle influence in the traditional Clinton tradition; 3) in fact, Donald doesn’t really need the job – period; and 4) When Donald leaves office, I doubt he he will walk out of the White House with the silverware and linens the way no-class Crooked Hillary did.

Fifteen years after the carnage of 9/11, American foreign policy is still mired in its fossilized dogmas and dangerous delusions. The consequences are obvious. Iran, the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism and long an avowed enemy of the United States, has filled the vacuum of our ignominious retreat from the Middle East, even as the mullahs move ever closer to possessing nuclear weapons. Russia, Iran’s improbable ally, bombs civilians in Syria, kills the Syrian fighters we have trained, bullies its neighbor Ukraine, consolidates its take-over of the Crimea, and relentlessly pursues its interests with disregard for international law and contempt for our feeble protests. Iraq, for which thousands of Americans bled and died, is now a puppet state of Iran. Afghanistan is poised to be overrun by the Taliban in a few years, and ISIS, al Qaeda 2.0, continues to inspire franchises throughout the world and to murder European and American citizens.

So much for the belief, frequently heard in the months after the attacks of 9/11, that “this changes everything.”

Source: David Horowitz Freedom Center


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