Islam: religion of rape

Here’s a glimpse of what America has to look forward to if Clinton and Obama get their way and we end up allowing tens of thousands of un-vetted Muslim immigrants into the country. The following story – in different forms – is being repeated almost daily in ALL the European countries that opened their borders to Muslims in past decades.

It should be obvious by now – even to a stupid politician – that Islam is only a religion of peace if 1) you believe in it and 2) if you submit to it without reservation. Everyone else is a prime candidate for rape, torture, murder, slavery or robbery (and all of these if you are a woman).

Let’s not make the same mistake as Europe.

Three men charged in alleged gang-rape near Eiffel Tower

PARIS French officials say three men have been charged and jailed after a woman was allegedly lured on Facebook by one of them and then gang-raped near the Eiffel Tower.

A police official said Friday that three Algerian men were arrested earlier this week in a Paris hotel under suspicion of taking part in the rape of the French woman in the Champ-de-Mars garden, close to the famous tower.

The official says one of the men is suspected of chatting with the woman on Facebook before the alleged rape and then arranging a date with her in Paris.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation.

The Paris prosecutor’s office confirmed that three men have been given preliminary charges in the case and jailed. It wouldn’t elaborate.

Source: Three men charged in alleged gang-rape near Eiffel Tower – CBS News


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