If the United States were truly a nation of laws applicable to all its citizens, then John Kerry and Loretta Lynch would be in prison – along with scores of similarly privileged members of Congress.


Obama’s Munich

Here is a link to an excellent opinion piece by Victor Davis Hanson.

The Ghastly Shadow of Munich

By reaching an agreement with Iran, John Kerry and Barack Obama hope to salvage some sort of legacy — in the vain fashion of Chamberlain — out of a heretofore failed foreign policy.

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Where would Obama and Kerry be without the Jews to kick around?

What an outrageous and sad state of foreign affairs when John Kerry’s antisemitic views push him to warn that Israel could become an “apartheid state.”

Huge mystery why 60% of potential American voters disapprove of the job Obama and his administration are doing.

John Kerry’s Calumny Against Israel

After having said to a closed-door meeting of the Trilateral Commission that Israel could become an “apartheid state” if it doesn’t reach a peace deal with the Palestinians, Secretary of State John Kerry issued a statement saying he “would have chosen a different word” if he had to do it all over again.

In fact, Kerry’s initial comments clearly reflect his unvarnished views; his backtracking is merely the result of the criticisms he’s received. Remember, just a few weeks ago Secretary Kerry testified before Congress and falsely placed all of the blame for the collapse of the most recent negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians on Israel.

As for the calumny against Israel by the secretary of state, let’s start out with a few observations, the first of which is that Israel is the only country in the region that permits citizens of all faiths to worship freely and openly. A few facts: Around 20 percent of Israeli citizens are not Jewish, with most of them being Arab. And while Jews are not permitted to live in many Arab countries, Arabs are granted full citizenship, have the right to vote in Israel, and have served in the Knesset. Consider this: Arabs living in Israel have more rights and are freer than most Arabs living in Arab countries, with Arab women in Israel enjoying the same rights and status as men.

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Doomed to fail

The Palestinian Authority (and much of the Middle East) relies on its people’s hatred of Israel in order to manipulate and control them. That is why the PA continually fans that hatred and why brokered peace talks will never succeed.

In 2000, Arafat was offered virtually everything he negotiated for, and still he turned it down.

Without the Jews to kick around, the PA would be out there all alone, responsible for the miserable human and economic conditions in the region.

The Predictable Failure of Kerry’s “Peace” Mission

Arafat, during the Camp David Summit in July, 2000, was given a golden opportunity to “end the conflict” with Israel, when Ehud Barak and President Bill Clinton offered him a Palestinian State on 97% of the West Bank and Gaza, and a capital in East Jerusalem, as well as additional territory to compensate for the 3% of land (Jewish settlements) slated to be annexed to Israel. Arafat understood that “an end of conflict” without “an end to Israel,” could cost him his life. He therefore chose to launch the Second Intifada.

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Def. nothing – John Kerry without his wife’s money.

Def. loser – John Kerry in spite of his wife’s money.

Why Did Kerry Lie About Israeli Blame?

Today in testimony before the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, Secretary of State John Kerry performed a post-mortem on the recent collapse of the Middle East peace talks. According to Kerry, the Palestinian refusal to keep negotiating past April and their decision to flout their treaty commitments by returning to efforts to gain recognition for their non-existent state from the United Nations was all the fault of one decision made by Israel. As the New York Times reports:

Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday that Israel’s announcement of 700 new apartments for Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem precipitated the bitter impasse in peace negotiations last week between Israel and the Palestinians.

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I hate this f_ _ king job.

I hate this f_ _ king job.

Surprise, surprise

Like no one could see this coming.

You think it would be abundantly clear by now that a foreign policy of weakness and appeasement doesn’t work. But, yet again, Obama and Kerry are cleaning dog crap off their shoes.

Abbas Takes Defiant Step, and Mideast Talks Falter

JERUSALEM — The Middle East peace talks verged on a breakdown Tuesday night, after President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority defied the United States and Israel by taking concrete steps to join 15 international agencies — a move to gain the benefits of statehood outside the negotiations process.

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Yet another Obama foreign policy fiasco

Obama’s mindless anti-semitic minions, like lemmings at the edge of the cliff, again declare for our enemies rather than supporting our friends.

Families of Israeli Murder Victims Dispute Kerry Claim of No Murders

“There’s a momentary prosperity, there’s a momentary peace,” Kerry said. “Last year, not one Israeli was killed by a Palestinian from the West Bank.”

However, this is untrue. At least five Israelis were murdered by West Bank Palestinians in 2013.

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