Prayerfully remembering all those lost on 9/11 and the multitudes left behind who loved them.

God, in your mercy, hear our prarers.


Corruption reaches highest levels of government

The Obama administration makes the Mafia look like a bunch of pikers.

Obama admin blocked FBI probe of Clinton Foundation corruption: Report


Was it good for you too?

The Trump campaign seized on reports Thursday that the Obama administration rejected requests from three FBI field offices that wanted to open public corruption cases involving the Clinton Foundation and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

After banks alerted the field offices to suspicious activity involving the Clinton family charity, the FBI wanted to investigate conflicts of interest stemming from foreign donations during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, CNN reported.

“Today’s news that President Obama’s Department of Justice overruled three separate DOJ field offices and the FBI in declining to open a public corruption charge against the Clinton Foundation shows a troubling pattern of Obama and Clinton politicizing any government institution for their own personal political interests,” Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller said in a statement.

Source: Obama administration blocked FBI probe of Clinton Foundation corruption: Report – Washington Times


Another piece of Muslim-extremest crap circles the drain.

Notorious Islamic State leader killed in airstrike, Pentagon says
One of the Islamic State’s top leaders in Iraq’s Anbar province was killed in a U.S. airstrike last week, the Pentagon said Monday. The “military emir” of Anbar, known as Abu Wahib, and three other Islamic State members were killed May 6 while traveling in a vehicle near the town of Rutbah in western Iraq, Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said.

Source: Notorious Islamic State leader killed in airstrike, Pentagon says – The Washington Post

Kingyo no fun

‘Kingyo no fun’ is a Japanese expression that refers to people like Nancy Pelosi and is the equivalent of ‘brown noser’ in English. Literally, it means ‘Goldfish shit,’ and refers to that little string of excrement often seen trailing behind the goldfish.


Pelosi Confident in Obama Saying ISIS ‘Contained’

>Dung her weekly press briefing Thursday, Sen. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was asked if President Obama’s assessment of ISIS being “contained” is a correct one, especially since after uttering those words, ISIS launched a brutal attack on Paris. But Pelosi remained confident that Obama knows best.

Source: Pelosi Confident in Obama Saying ISIS ‘Contained’ | Truth Revolt