Over the top (and then some)


Just when we thought ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ couldn’t get any sillier, the ‘Witches Faction’ of the Dimocratic Party comes slithering out of the woodwork, no doubt all loyal to Chief Witch, Nancy Pelosi.


The Powers of Hell Take On Trump

It’s bad enough that Donald Trump has the Democrats arrayed against him, now he has to contend with Hell and all its legions.

At midnight on Friday, February 24, witches across the United States, either individually or in covens, cast what is called “a binding spell” on the president intended prevent him “from harming people and nature,” as Steve Annear, a reporter for the Boston Globe, described it. A small group cast their spell outside Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York City. You can watch the witches in action on YouTube.

Source: The Powers of Hell Take On Trump